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Thinking onions? Find out more about our early maturing and machine harvestable varieties from Enza Zaden.

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Thinking of the latest innovations in Hybrid Pepper seeds? Find out more about our Inzell RZ and Stayer RZ varieties.

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Our specialised technical staff services all states of Australia as well as regions of New Zealand. In addition we service the Pacific Islands as well as Papua New Guinea. Terranova is a fully owned subsidiary of South Pacific Seeds.

Whilst the ownership is common to SPS we trade as a completely independent entity. We market a broad range of varieties which have been trialled under local conditions and give full technical support to our customer base. Reliable seeds. Quality seeds. That’s what you can count on every time when you think Terranova Seeds.

  • Who is Terranova Seeds?

    We are a specialist vegetable seed company
    with offices in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Lettuce & Spinach Range

    View or download our new and recent introductions in our PDF catalogue.

  • Contact the New Zealand team

    Sales enquiries and full technical support to
    our existing local customer base.

Greenhouse specialist feedback

Gaston Jacobs of Rijk Zwaan - Belgium, a greenhouse specialist with thirty years of experience, spent time with New Zealand greenhouse growers last December.

Technical areas covered in discussions included; irrigation, seedling root development and growing for fruit size and quality in summer.

A summary of these discussion points is available by contacting Ingrid Ennis on 021 435 493 or at Ingrid.ennis@tnseeds.com

Summer Spinach Varieties

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Thinking Hybrid Spinach... think Terranova. Crocodile RZ, Toucan RZ, Donkey RZ and Red Kitten RZ spinach seeds now available.

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